Category: New Machinery   - Five-Axis 3D CO2 Lasers

VZ Series Laser

Mitsubishi VZ Series 3-dimensional laser cutting systems offer the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility across a wide range of complex applications. The unique flexibility of the 5 and 6 axis systems, combined with expanded teaching functions and superior resonator technology, make them extremely powerful tools. A major key to the enhanced performance of the VZ Series is the new LC30T control system. Equipped with a 20GB hard drive and Windows based high speed NC.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Exceptional performance in preformed part trimmer applications
  • The Z-axis movement is 30% faster than previous models
  • H-axis head adapts to part height automatically which is a key feature when processing formed parts
  • Work clamps and support pins hold 2D work piece in place and they are easy to install and remove
  • X-Flow R Series resonator
  • New LC30T Mitsubishi control