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Accu-Kut CNC Plasma Machine

The AKS Accu-Kut combines the best in plasma cutting machine technology with over 90 years of superior machine building experience. The only plasma cutter in the industry built to machine tool standard. With its heavy-duty table design which can handle plate loads 2 inch or more and flexible design allowing added table extension modules as a factory option, the AKS Accu-Kut is setting the standard for precision plasma shape cutting. See the difference for yourself by requesting a plasma cut sample part.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Available in 6, 8 or 10ft widths x 48ft in length
  • Latest technology digitally controlled AC brushless servo drive system using helical rack and pinion in both X and Y axis
  • ArcVoltage torch height control, offering reduced cycle times, reduced kerf angle and improved consumable life
  • QuickSTOP torch collision safety mount
  • Optional plasma beveling head - adds smooth, accurate bevel cutting capabilities
  • Complete packages include installation and training

Tru-Kut CNC Plasma Machine

The AKS Tru-Kut plasma cutter sets the standard for superior value in precision CNC plasma cutting. The Tru-Kut is easy to setup and is user friendly. Extremely heavy duty design with fully welded and machined frame not bolted together. High quality construction and versatile features. No special floor preparation required.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Edge Ti CNC technology from Hypertherm Automation
  • Edge Ti Lifter advanced torch height control, offering reduced cycle times, reduced kerf angle improved consumable life
  • 5ft x 10ft cutting area
  • Helical rack and pinion drives and top quality linear guides
  • Ridged beam and torch carrier made of high strength extruded aluminum
  • Air and water table design available

Dura-Kut Gantry Plasma Machine

The AKS Dura-Kut gantry plasma cutter is a precision CNC machine with rail widths and lengths to fit your large-scale cutting needs. Built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. Dura-Kuts unique gantry design incorporates a robust, welded and stiffened double beam with low center of mass and high rigidity. Standard features include an air circulating cooling system and head shields to protect against heat build-up.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Conventional and precision plasma, oxy-fuel and marking systmes in various configurations, up to 6 stations
  • Transverse axis DualVee motion linear guide system provides unmatched precision and reliability and is more impervious to harsh environments
  • Easiest to learn and use intuitive torch screen graphic user interface
  • Cut loss recovery with restart, move to piece and cut path backup
  • Online help function
  • Complete packages include installation and training