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Flex Drill CNC

Mill, drill, tap, bevel, countersink, and form drill large parts with only one setup on our Flex Drill CNC. With simple conversational programming, our gantry and column machines are built for machining parts that other milling and drilling machines dont have the capacity to handle. Our average machine features a 20 feet long bed. Custom open beds can be sized anywhere from 10 feet to 80 feet long, perfect for machining tube or pipe. The fourth axis rotates pieces so every side can be machined in a single setup.

Highlighted Features/Notes

    TRD Series:
  • 10 feet to 80 feet in size
  • Z axis travel is 16 feet
  • Spindle nose to table distance is 8.75 inch to 24.75 inch
  • Available in CT or BT 40 with a max torque of 184 ft/lbs, comes with 12 inch touch screen
  • GRD Series:
  • Ranges in size up to 80 feet long
  • Z axis travel is at 19.5 inch
  • Spindle nose to table distance at CT40: 5.5 inch to 25 inch / CT50: 3.1 inch to 22.8 inch
  • Machine bed has 20mm slotted bars, making setup and fixturing of parts easy. And features light curtain barrier, allowing for 100% spindle up time